Improve your small business advertising with more photos and videos

Today, small business advertising and marketing requires a steady diet of images and videos in order to reach more customers. Businesses need to produce a greater quantity of effective photos and videos to share on social media, use in television ads, add to their websites, and much more.

Fortunately, just about every small business owner has a smartphone in their pocket – it’s one of the most accessible and efficient photo creation tools available. With a little work, a simple snapshot can be turned into an engaging image. From the quick and easy-to-use photo and video editing applications to the high-quality cameras that make it all possible in a matter of seconds, smartphones should be seen as a vital investment.

Here is a sample.  This is a picture of the famous Lift Bridge in Duluth, Minnesota.

Edited photo of the Duluth lift bridge at night

We took the photograph on the left at night, through a window, with the camera on an iPhone 6. The conditions were NOT ideal. The better-looking image on the right is the same photograph.

We quickly and easily made improvements by using the basic photo editing options on the phone.  To achieve the end result, we adjusted the contrast settings. This helped cut the glare caused by the window. Next, we adjusted the color (saturation) settings, which helped bring out the blue spotlights around the bridge. In total, it took about two minutes to transform the original photo to the edited version.

Is the end result a work of art? No, but it’s still an effective photo which we used for this blog post, and we would have no qualms about using it on Facebook or other social media services.

With a little work and practice, you and your staff can create engaging photos and video content that will help to effectively advertise your business. Does this mean you’ll never have to invest in photographers and videographers again? Most likely not, but you can absolutely create a lot of worthwhile media that helps you to showcase your business products, services, and brand that you can use on a weekly basis.

The reality is that advertising is going to continue consuming content at an ever-increasing rate. The power to keep up with these demands, entice your customers by staying front of mind, and beat your competition is in your pocket. Embrace it.

If you need help optimizing your approach or strategy for creating and delivering your content on social media or anywhere else on the web, let us know and we’d be more than happy help you figure out the right solution for you.

Now, it’s time for you to getting snapping! Stay fresh, save money, and have some fun.

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